Visualization and Journaling with SoulCollage®

Visualization and Journaling with SoulCollage®


Where images become your voice and tell the story of your soul!


How does it work?

SoulCollage® workshop is a visual journaling experience that digs deep into feelings that have no words. Through guided introspection, you will develop an expression of internal stress, anger, conflicts, trauma that yearn for words, answers, or healing. The completed collage is a new picture of you providing the possibility of giving a voice to your soul even if you can’t draw.



Begin by looking through magazines and cutting out images that grab your attention. As images find you, subconscious feelings and memories develop.


You will be guided through thoughtful introspection to arrange the images in a meaningful way. The picture that emerges gives form to feelings that have no words.


Commit to the discovery by gluing the images in place and embellishing as desired. Symbols can express and encompass a feeling more completely than thoughts.


The final step is recognizing the finished collage as your voice given form. The completed collage allows wholeness to speak and healing to begin.

SoulCollage® uses images to explore the core meaning of deep feelings. These 3 hrs workshop is like a mini retreat. We will spend time exploring selected images and pulling out their hidden meanings. Also included will be relaxation exercises and time to talk about what emerges (if desired) in your collage. All materials and refreshments will be provided.




Let me bring SoulCollage® to your group. Whether small or large, I can create a workshop that is perfect for your group, organization or business.


Who can benefit from SoulCollage®?

Some people come to SoulCollage® hoping to solve a particular issue. Others use the experience to explore their own creative expression without any preconceived conclusions or interpretations. In Healing Collage it is best to approach the process with a totally open mind to let the inner reality emerge on its own. Not having a therapeutic goal in mind engages the intelligence of free expression and opens the space for discoveries that may be completely unexpected and surprising.

Is SoulCollage® Therapeutic?

Absolutely. Images have a much stronger potential for pulling out issues than words alone. The feelings inside that are unresolved will reveal themselves naturally. By letting the feelings that arise guide your creativity, a true resolution is reached. You may feel a sense of increased contact with yourself, and specific insights into your life may continue to unfold long after the experience.

But I don't have a creative bone in my body...

First of all, everybody has a creative nature. That said, SoulCollage® workshops require no artistic talent. Your facilitator can help you with composition if you wish but the process of collaging will naturally result in a beautiful visual version of you.

What are the results of a SoulCollage® Workshop?

Discoveries made in a SoulCollage® can be a deeply satisfying personal readjustment. Letting go of negative and analytic thinking allows your authentic creative voice to emerge as your personal visual language surfaces. The effects of your work will also grow over time.

What materials are included?

An extensive collection of pre-cut images are provided as well as paints, brushes, markers, papers and other collage materials.

How much are the workshops?

Depending on the workshop format individual fees are typically $40 per person. For large groups a set fee can be negotiated depending on the size, type of workshop, and services desired.

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