Exploring Time with Images: Gathering Our Traces through the Lifetimes of Our Soul

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Esperide Ananas

Dates Recorded: December 1, December 8 and 15, 2013
Cost: $25-Facilitator Circle Members please login and purchase through SoulCollage® Institute.
A 3-Part (3 hour) Course - CEUs not available

Description: Whatever you think about past lives, there is no doubt that most of us identify with particular eras and characters of the past more than others, just as one image jumps out from the pages of a magazine at one person more than it does for another. Esperide Ananas, a gifted teacher from Italy and a SoulCollage® Facilitator, will be your guide for this journey through time. Every person, not just fiction writers, can have the joy of "making up a world", playing in it, and learning more about oneself that way. 

You Will Take Away:

  • Exploration of your unique stories that sprint from the past through your own intuition and images
  • Discovery of how these stories can benefit your present life.
  • Learning how to use guided meditation, SoulCollage® images, and intuition in an interactive way
  • An impression, an image, a character from another age or time who has wisdom or guidance for your present time. A wonderful guided meditation in each session can be replayed and worked with many times.
  • The opportunity to make a new card for this character/epoch and journal with it
  • A new perception of time and how we humans interact with it.

You will receive:

  • Recordings of each Session - mp3
  • Handouts for each Session



Esperide Ananas is a pioneering human development researcher and teacher with over twenty years of experience in international consulting and coaching. Her growing passion is to work with women, focusing on what it takes to be a fulfilled woman in the 21st Century. At a time when women are seeking to balance life and work, develop both professionally and personally Esperide’s insights drawn from anthropology, biology, sociology psychology, cognitive and environmental science are fascinating and very much in demand. She’s reluctant to be called an "expert" but would rather be thought of as a dedicated student of the field.

Once a high-flying Milanese public relations person with experience at the EU and UN, she now criss-crosses the globe to work (in one or other of her five languages) with individuals and groups from California to Russia, England to Uruguay. Her research has been deepened by living for the last twenty years in Damanhur, one of the world’s leading intentional communities.  As a member of the London-based Pearl Group, she’s worked with leading businesses like GlaxoSmithKline, Egg Bank, Mexx and Fortis.

She is visiting teacher for the Neyrode Business School and a consultant to Deltion College in Holland, and is on the faculty of US-based Wisdom University. She is also a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator.

Esperide works as personal coach to women in high pressure situations around the globe, creating journeys of explorations and "adventures" to allow them to discover new facets of themselves in the real world rather than in the classroom.  She is also currently developing a retail project in Milan devoted to the awakening of women through pleasure.

Her workshops are fun, inclusive, and highly experiential, including physical techniques to heighten awareness and meditative practices to expand the senses, free one's sexual energy and find more power to turn into wise and fulfilling choices and actions.


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