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Unlocking the Power of the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck

Recorded on November 4, 2012
A 3-Part Course - 4.5 CEUS

Audrey Chowdhury, M.S., ATR-BC

Explore the transformative power inherent in the structure of your deck. Learn to decide what suit a card belongs in and how to bring the deep wisdom and power of the four suits into your personal practice of SoulCollage® with your own deck and into the workshops you facilitate.

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SALON: How We Are Using SoulCollage® in Spiritual Settings

Recorded on April 28, 2013
1.5 CEUs

Audrey Chowdhury, M.S., ATR-BC

Anyone using or considering using SoulCollage® in spiritual contexts will benefit from this informal and lively session.  Click here for More Information and to Purchase.


Unveiling the Three Faces of Silence in the Transpersonal Cards

Recorded on May 4, 11 and 25,2013
4.5 CEUs

Mariabruna Sirabella MFT

With a teacher who has worked with Seena Frost for over two decades, we can begin talking to these Three Faces of Silence in our SoulCollage® decks and deepen our perception of the Mystery.  Click here for More Information and to Purchase.

2013-0728-ART SA

SALON-SoulCollage® & Art Therapy

Recorded on July 28, 2013
1.5 CEUs

Kat Kirby & Audrey Chowdhury

Two art therapists, who are also SoulCollage® Trainers, host this SoulCollage® Salontm. Art therapists and those interested in the therapeutic use of SoulCollage® joined in a lively discussion about using SoulCollage® in art therapy settings.  Click to purchase course.


SoulCollage®- As a Conduit for Creative Writing

Recorded on September 15, October 13 & November 3, 2013
A 3-Part Course - 4.5 CEUs

Jill Badonsky, author of The Muse is In, shares exercises using SoulCollage® to help catalyze your creative writing.  To learn more about Jill and purchase click here.


Meet the World Shadow with Wisdom

Recorded on November 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2013
A 4-Part Course - 6 CEUs
Presenter:  Mariabruna Sirabella LMFT

Do you ever feel the need to strengthen your boundaries, perfect your filters and regain balance more quickly when you brush against somebody's negativity, feel under attack or feel impotent in the face of violence and disaster in the news or at home? This course invites your Neters, your allies and guides present in your SoulCollage® cards, to reveal more efficient ways to manage your permeability to the forces of the World Shadow, in its small and larger expressions, rooted in fear, greed, and ignorance.  Purchase Here.


Exploring Time with Images: Gathering Our Traces through the Lifetimes of Our Soul

Recorded on December 1, 8 & 15, 2013
A 3-Part Course - No CEUs
Presenter:  Esperide Ananas

Whatever you think about past lives, there is no doubt that most of us identify with particular eras and characters of the past more than others, just as one image jumps out from the pages of a magazine at one person more than it does for another. Esperide Ananas, a gifted teacher from Italy and a SoulCollage® Facilitator, will be your guide for this journey through time. Every person, not just fiction writers, can have the joy of "making up a world", playing in it, and learning more about oneself that way.  Click to
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Using SoulCollage® to Make Choices and Decisions

Presenter: Barb Horn
CEUs: 6 CEUS / 4-Part Course
Course Code: 2014-0108-CHOICE

We all experience that inner tug-of-war, conflict, or struggle when we are challenged to change a long time habit, behavior, or pattern. Usually, there are no shortages of voices telling you why you should and why you should not. We hear from all the parts that are attached to that habit as well as those parts that may need a change to survive.  Often our demons will come up when we are on the edge of a cliff ready to take the leap and make that "big" decision that could change our life. 

Join Barb Horn in a hands-on and fun journey using a current real life situation and your SoulCollage® deck.

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Right Relationship: The Ethics of Caring

Presenters: Kylea Taylor & Selene Kumin Vega
CEUs: 6 CEUS / 3-Part Course
Course Code: 2014-0208-ETHICS

Do you need 6 Law & Ethics CEUs for your license? Do you want better relationships with clients? Do you want to know more about how motivations affect ethics?

These are three good reasons to listen to this recorded course based on Kylea Taylor’s book, The Ethics of Caring, and the deep experience both she and co-Presenter, Selene Vega have had with all aspects of client relationship and supervision.

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Expanding Your Relationship With Your SoulCollage® Cards Through Journal to the Self®

Presenters: Laura Lyon & Carolyn Jennings
CEUs: 6 CEUS / 4-Part Course
Course Code: 2014-0301-JTTS

The true value of SoulCollage® Cards lies in integrating them into our lives to guide, heal, vision and transform ourselves as we move through the changes that life brings.  If you are interested in exploring a deeper level of insight using your cards, Journal to the Self® writing techniques can support your journey.

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Using SoulCollage® as an Eating Disorders Professional

Presenter:  Michelle Elena Minero LMFT
CEUs: 2 CEUS (2 hours)

Are you working with people in recovery from eating disorders?  Do you experience feeling depleted, tired or discouraged in your work? If you are in this helping profession, you are at risk for burnout if you do not take special care of yourself.

Michelle Minero wrote the Self-Love Diet, which encourages people to “regularly offer themselves love.”  In this experiential course you will learn to combine two powerful methods for self-care and healing.

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Introduction to SoulCollage®

Do you wish you could attend a SoulCollage® workshop but have found that there just aren’t any nearby you? Are you a “collager”? Do you have a stash of magazines or images but don’t know why? Are you looking for a way to combine creativity with your own spirituality and self-understanding? Are you a professional who is interested in art and self-discovery both for yourself and your clients? This is a such a rewarding way to earn CEUs as well.

Join us for this 2-session experiential workshop, introducing you to the wonderful process of SoulCollage®.

Intro to SoulCollage® OPTION 1:

Presenter: Kat Kirby, M.Ed., ATR-BC
CEUs: 4 CEUS / 2-Part Course (4 hours)
Course Code: 2014-0710-INTRO-KK
Format: Audio & PDFs

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Intro to SoulCollage® OPTION 2:

Presenter:  Mariabruna Sirabella
CEUs: 5 CEUS / 2-Part Course (5 hours)
Course Code: 2014-0527-INTRO-MB
Format: Video and/or Audio & PDFs

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The views expressed in these courses are solely those of the presenter in his or her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of SoulCollage Inc.