Using SoulCollage® to Make Choices and Decisions

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Presenter: Barb Horn

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Date Recorded: January/February 2014
CEUs: 6 CEUS / 4-Part Course
Course Code: 2014-0108-CHOICE


We all experience that inner tug-of-war, conflict, or struggle when we are challenged to change a long time habit, behavior, or pattern. Usually, there are no shortages of voices telling you why you should and why you should not. We hear from all the parts that are attached to that habit as well as those parts that may need a change to survive.  Often our demons will come up when we are on the edge of a cliff ready to take the leap and make that "big" decision that could change our life. 

How do we achieve a peaceful yet empowered change or decision that meets the needs of all our parts so they align for the show of your life?  

Join Barb Horn in a hands-on and fun journey using a current real life situation and your SoulCollage® deck. 

What will I get from this course?

You will:

  • Experience an easy and useful way to make or implement a decision or get unstuck  
  • Discover who shows up, what their influence is and how to get our parts on board as we make choices
  • Learn how to identify "external characters" versus "internal parts" and how to work with their influence while making big decisions
  • Use tools and methods to the move the “many” internal parts into alignment to serve the “one” soul so as to manifest your desired life 
  • Develop an understanding or change a personal habit or behavior
  • Make and implement a decision or action that is important to you 

You will receive:

  • Recordings of each session - mp3
  • Handouts for all sessions

What others are saying

Barb is great and I love her humor and how she shares her wisdom. I know she helped me a LOT at the beginning when my Procrastinator in my question wanted to procrastinate on the whole process! I'm still working on it, but I'm getting closer to figuring out exactly why I'm procrastinating, and I think it's because I'm supposed to. Who wouldda thunk that??? 

~Marla Ferguson, CO

About your presenter

Barb Horn is a Hypnotherapist (CCHT), SoulCollage® Facilitator (2007), emcee, ceremonialist, teacher, Toe Reader, author, inspirational speaker, cosmic clown, river scientist, a believer in the power of people and an every day guru, just like you, who lives in Durango, Colorado. Her purpose is to inspire and transform through levity and love.  She has a unique ability to provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment that invites and empowers others to join her in self discovery, healing and awakening to our true selves in order to live the life of our dreams.  For more information on her work, classes or other offerings visit

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