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Articles about SoulCollage® 

"Picture This" by Facilitator Linda Woolfson - March 20, 2012 (2 pages)
Published by Natural Health, Essex, UK

"My Life in Pictures" about Facilitator Linda Woolfson - June 2012 (3 pages)
Published by Spirit & Destiny, London,  UK

"Discover Your Inner Wisdom" by Catherine Anderson - December 2011 (1 page)
Published by Odyssey Magazine, 10 Pleasant Place, Tokai 7945, Cape Town, South Africa

Suggested Interview Questions

1.  What is SoulCollage®?

2.  Practically everyone has at one time or another made a collage. What is different about the collage process of SoulCollage®?

3.  You’ve been working with SoulCollage® for a long time, personally, giving workshops, training SoulCollage® Facilitators. Let me ask you: why do SoulCollage®?  What do people get out of making and using SoulCollage® cards?
4.  If you want to try SoulCollage® yourself, what materials do you need to get started doing SoulCollage®?
5.  SoulCollage® is growing. The title of the founder’s, Seena Frost’s, new book is SoulCollage® Evolving. How is SoulCollage® evolving? How did it get started? How big is SoulCollage now? What’s new in the book? How many people are involved?
6.  What is a SoulCollage® Facilitator? How are SoulCollage® Facilitators trained, what do they do?
7.  From what I have seen on the website, SoulCollage® has been used with many different kinds of people in many contexts. What are some of these contexts?
8.  How is SoulCollage® being used by the people you have trained to be SoulCollage® Facilitators?
9.  I understand that the process doesn’t end after you make your cards, that once you’ve made several cards you can explore further and relate what you see and feel from the images on the cards to real-life questions and issues. How does that work?
10. What would you suggest to the people who hear (or read) this interview?

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