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SoulCollage® Community Update ("SCU")
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"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study - Chapter 19:  Becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator" (3/1/2020)

SoulCollage® Facilitator Marcia Chadly discusses Chapter 19, “Becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator” from the book study of SoulCollage® Evolving. Marcia writes of the impact Indra’s Net has had on her, and her practice, as well as emphasizing the importance of community for her SoulCollage® work.

"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study - Chapter 1:  What is SoulCollage®?" (2/1/2020)

In the latest installment of our SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study, LeAnne Nesbitt takes us back to the beginning and shares how her experiences with the process formed her understanding of the question posed in this chapter.

"Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World" (1/1/2020)

This article, written by founder Seena Frost, was first published in the SoulCollage® Community Update newsletter in March 2015. Just shy of one year later, Seena left the earthly realm for the world of Spirit. In the five years since Seena wrote these words, our community of Facilitators has almost doubled in size. Without a doubt, 2020 promises to be a year of tremendous growth for our community as more people discover the transformational power SoulCollage® has to offer us as individuals and a collective.

"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study-Chapter 8: The Council Suit" (12/1/2019) 

Judith Heidrich tackles the topic of the Council Suit in her contribution to our SoulCollage® Evolving book study. She discusses the archetypes that showed up in her personal SoulCollage® practice, and those that arose for the men in her SoulCollage® groups in a trauma/addiction recovery center.

"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study Chapter 15: Individual Work With SoulCollage® Cards" (11/1/2019)

Lisa Handley shares her personal application of the SoulCollage® process in the latest installment of our SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study."Collage has always been my favorite medium, but the realization that my collage work could have a profound impact on my emotional and physical well-being didn't emerge until my cancer experience and introduction to SoulCollage®." 

"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study-Chapter 16: SoulCollage® in Groups" (10/1/2019)

Newsletters Executive Editor and Facilitator, Gina Maguire, continues our book study of SoulCollage® Evolving by exploring Chapter 16:  SoulCollage® in Groups. As Seena wrote, “People who join together in some sort of SoulCollage® group are more likely to continue both creating and exploring their cards.” Gina discusses typical formats, ongoing groups, thematic gatherings (ie: Dia de Los Muertos and Wabi-Sabi), student groups, and group activities.

Singing Over our SoulCollage® Bones: Studying with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (9/1/2019)

As Facilitator Marci Wenn embarked on her mid-life journey, her soul called her to breathe life into long-forgotten parts of her being. In this article, she shares how SoulCollage® and her studies with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes helped her find her way on a new path. 

"SoulCollage® Evolving Book Study-Chapter 6: The Community Suit" (8/1/2019)

Executive Newsletters Editor, LeAnne Nesbitt launches a book study of SoulCollage® Evolving beginning with the chapter devoted to the Community Suit. "While it may seem odd to start a book study series at chapter six,  Community cards play a central role in the SoulCollage® origin story..."

"Courageous Alternatives: Using SoulCollage® to Honor the Warrior Within" (7/1/2019)

For those living with a cancer diagnosis, SoulCollage® can offer courage and hope in the midst of fear and uncertainty. Facilitator Maryann Frantz discusses her work with women battling cancer, and how SoulCollage® has helped them access their inner warrior, call in their support community and choose the courageous path over one of despair.

"Intuition Manifest: Putting Form to Feeling" (6/1/2019)

Mimm Patterson shares how she overcame skepticism and an aversion to sitting in group circles to embrace SoulCollage® as a daily practice, and eventually pursue Facilitator Training.

"Loving Old Folks: SoulCollage® with Elders and My Own Maturing Soul" (5/1/2019)

Facilitator, social worker, and gerontologist Gina Maguire discusses how SoulCollage® can support the continued growth and healing of older adults as they navigate through the changes of mid-life and beyond.  

"Poet-Oracles in My Deck" (4/1/2019)

For the poet, artist, and Faciliatator Janet Trenchard, poetry and SoulCollage® are a natural pairing.  In this article, she shares her original poetry inspired by her SoulCollage® practice.

"Bringing SoulCollage® to Women in Prison: An Outpouring of Loving Kindness" (3/1/2019)

Facilitator JoAnn Flynn reflects on her eleven years of Facilitating SoulCollage® workshops at a women's prison in New England, and the deep connection formed between the Facilitator community who supported the work and the women they served.

"My Unlikely Life-Changing Card" (2/1/2019)

On the eve of her 60th birthday, Facilitator Alison Cameron was filled with self-doubt as she began training as a yoga instructor. In this article, she describes how SoulCollage® came into her life at just the right time – helping her integrate seemingly opposite aspects of her being, and move forward with confidence in her new vocation.

"SoulCollage® and Yoga" (1/1/2019)

Yoga teacher and Facilitator, Marci Wenn, shares how she weaves SoulCollage® and her yoga practice together to deepen self-knowledge and nourish the soul.

"Season of Innocence Reborn" (12/1/18)

Seena B. Frost's participation in Jean Houston's Human Capacities School had a profound influence on the development of the SoulCollage® process. Facilitator Marti Beddoe was also there at this pivotal moment in SoulCollage® history.  Here she shares how the experience broadened her perspective on the Christ-child archetype, helping her reclaim the spirit of innocence and keep it alive in challenging times.

"Underserved:  Where I Use My SoulCollage® Scholarship"(11/1/18)

In 2012,  Facilitator Katherine Ziegler was seeking to re-establish her private psychotherapy practice and work more effectively with underserved populations.  She writes how the financial assistance she received to attend a workshop facilitated by Seena Frost and Mariabruna Sirabella provided much-needed support for her mission.  Katherine shares with gratitude about how this investment continues to benefit her work and the community she serves.

"Self-Care in In Difficult Times"  (10/1/18)

As we grapple with the many collective issues swirling about our world these days, how can we take care of ourselves during these challenging times?  Jeri Bodemar shares a recent experience where she and fellow Facilitators sought and received valuable guidance from their SoulCollage® decks in response to this question. 

"SoulCollage® and Family Constellations"  (9/1/18)

Facilitator Maria Barbone shares how SoulCollage® helped her identify,  heal, and transcend the unconscious familial storylines passed down through her maternal lineage.

"SoulCollage®:  Why We Use Collage to Create Our Decks of Cards"  (8/1/18)

SoulCollage® founder,  Seena B. Frost, explains why she believed collage to be the perfect medium for self-exploration.

"Cultivating the Feminine at Midlife With SoulCollage®" (7/1/18)

Jennifer Boire explores how the discovery of SoulCollage® at age 58 helped her navigate the "labyrinth of midlife" by cultivating the feminine energies of rest, reflection and creativity.  

"Holy Play" (6/1/18)

Deb Carriger Richards uncovers how "adults, women as well as men, still have dreams and daydreams...wishes, inner inklings and urgings, whims, raw, nascent ideas, and deep desires" and how the SoulCollage® process puts us in touch with our deepest joys and longings.

"Soul Power in the City Jungle: SoulCollage® Sprouting in Hong Kong" (5/1/18)

Tera Lin shares the fascinating and heartwarming story of how SoulCollage® is growing in Hong Kong, beginning with the very first SoulCollage® workshop led by Facilitator/Trainer Laura Liu, to the first SoulCollage® Facilitator Training.

"SoulCollage®: A Bonding Experience" (4/1/18)

Women's empowerment and creativity coach Colleen Russell shares how SoulCollage® "breaks down barriers to the authentic self and gets people to the heart of the matter very quickly."

"In the Zone with SoulCollage®" (3/1/18)

Kas Sobey, a "child of the 1960s and 1970s," shares how the process of collaging cards is one way in which SoulCollage® reveals more of who she is from the deeper knowing that lies inside her.

"My Life In Review at 88 Years Old" (2/1/18)

In an interview facilitated by Colleen Haggerty, Marybeth Webster continues sharing how her SoulCollage® cards have faithfully given voice to life experiences spanning "almost nine decades of days."

"Self-Care and Comfort Through SoulCollage®: Hospice for Youth" (1/1/18)

In a touching dedication, Diane van Dyk recounts how SoulCollage® integrates with Memory Book workshops for young children through South Coast Hospice (SCH) in South Africa.

"My Divine Feminine Connection with SoulCollage®" (12/1/17)

Stephanie Chissler describes how SoulCollage® enhances her already strong and enduring connection with the Divine Feminine.

"Giving It All a Voice with SoulCollage®" (11/1/17)

Carol Merwin shares how SoulCollage® supported her through the emotions and preparations to sell the family home and find balance through her parents' declining health.

"SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift" (Part Two) (10/1/17)

In SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift, Part Two (see May 2017 for Part 1), we share more of Seena's thoughts on how SoulCollage® can play a vital role in our individual and collective engagement with the Paradigm Shift. 

"How SoulCollage® Helped Lift a Big Weight from My Shoulders" (9/1/17)

Laura Denton shares how the SoulCollage® process catalyzed a dramatic shift in awareness and "open-hearted forgiveness" in processing the negativity of her longstanding divorce.

"Intuitive Wisdom from Two Guys" (8/1/17)

Two men share their experiences, challenges, surprises, and comfort with SoulCollage®. Clyde Sanda is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Richard Boubelik enjoys talking to other men about how powerful SoulCollage® is.

"Bringing Myself Out Of Shadow With SoulCollage®" (7/1/17)

Ann H. Hughes shares a process about which she wrote in Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing to understand "a very distressing card" that came up in her SoulCollage® class.

" 'I Didn't Know I Knew That!' – What SoulCollage® Has Done for this 87-Year-Old" (6/1/17)

Read why Marybeth Webster was "comforted, saved, encouraged, amused, inspired and healed" by SoulCollage® in this interview by newsletter Editor, Colleen Haggerty.

"SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift" (Part One) (5/1/17)

This issue treats the reader to a transcript excerpted from Seena B. Frost's final CD, SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift, and the essential role SoulCollage® plays in the global Paradigm Shift.

"Trashing Mother Earth" (4/1/17)

Observing Earth Day, Ivette Ebaen reflects upon and demonstrates how, affected by one another's choices, politics cannot help but infuse the life of everyone on the planet.

"A Gift of the Heart: A SoulCollage® Journey" (3/1/17)

Cat Caracelo shares her journey of opening up her professional world to her mother, as the only child assisting both parents in navigating medical issues, hospice and end-of-life decisions for her father.

"Three Strange Angels" (2/1/17)

Remembering Seena B. Frost one year after her death, Anne Marie Bennett reflects upon the imagery of one of Seena's favorite poems, Song of a Man Who Has Come Through by D.H. Lawrence.

"What Might Einstein Think of SoulCollage®?" (1/1/17)

Karen Mann imagines how Albert Einstein would have been drawn to the process of SoulCollage®, through his parallel advocacy for creativity, intuition, and the power of imagination and creative visualization.

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"SoulCollage® continues to teach me acceptance and love for myself and others. This weekend deepened my understanding of how alike we all are deep inside, behind all our roles and tastes. I feel more confident about my ability to attract and share with others who will benefit. I feel excited to let my unique voice and power ring out. The opportunity to help others find the magic of the process is an amazing gift."

~ J. B., Tulsa, OK (after completing the SoulCollage® Faciliator Training)