Rebecca Aydelette

Facilitator since March 14, 2019

Rebecca Aydelette
7601 Keating Dr.
Oak Ridge, North Carolina 27310 (United States)
P (336) 644-0129


Rebecca Aydelette’s superpowers are connecting with people's hearts and creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The fact is that there was a point and time in her life where she was so overwhelmed, overcommitted and exhausted that she didn’t feel connected to anyone, including herself and more than anything, she yearned for a sense of peaceful harmony. Bolstered by the realization that she had lost herself in the rush life, Rebecca began her journey of cultivating a collection of soul-tending practices including journaling, visual journaling and SoulCollage®.

Rebecca has always held a deep interest in creating with her hands, spirituality and alternative healing modalities. Besides being a SoulCollage® facilitator, she is a professional potter, Reiki Master, and certified aromatherapist as well as an Earth Medicine Practitioner. 

Description of SoulCollage® work

Rebecca's deepest passion is to create opportunities for women to discover what makes them feel most nourished, connected and fully alive.

"Recently, I've been thinking a lot about what 'self-care' truly means and why it's so important. I love inviting my workshop and retreat participants into quiet, contemplative spaces; places where they can slow down the pace, breathe and get reacquainted with themselves."  Rebecca finds that combining aromatherapy and SoulCollage® creates a synergistic combination that gently calls people to intuitively re-member who they are by reconnecting with their inner truth and wisdom.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I will always consider myself a student of SoulCollage® . . . I always learn something from the cards. From the very beginning, this process resonated deeply with me. Journaling and visual journaling have been important practices for me for years, but SoulCollage® has helped me to sink deeper into my own personal journey. It has been incredibly important in guiding me to connect with and trust my inner wisdom, which has helped me to create more peace and harmony in my life.