SoulCollage® Resources

Here are a variety of useful resources which can assist you to learn more about SoulCollage® and get your SoulCollage® practice started.

An Introduction to SoulCollage®

  1. SoulCollage Evolving - The book        
  2. SoulCollage® FAQ- Your questions answered        
  3. SoulCollage® Principles        
  4. Fundamentals of SoulCollage® - Choice of two recorded video courses that cover the basics:     

Read More About SoulCollage®

  1. Applications of SoulCollage® - includes links to useful resources
  2. Articles by Seena B. Frost - Founder of SoulCollage®
  3. "The Theoretical Basis and Therapeutic Elements of SoulCollage®" (article by Mariabruna Sirabella and Kylea Taylor)
  4. Articles by SoulCollage® Facilitators
  5. In Seena's Words: The Spirit, Practice & Evolution of SoulCollage®
    Your questions answered by Seena B. Frost
  6. SoulCollage® Books, CDs and Videos
  7. SoulCollage® Community Update - Newsletter subscription
  8. SoulCollage® Community Update - Newsletters annotated - archives

Learn More About SoulCollage®

  1. Attend a SoulColllage® Workshop
  2. Become a SoulCollage® Facilitator
  3. Stream an Online SoulCollage® Class

Make SoulCollage® Cards

  1. Card Making Tutorial - By Seena B. Frost (14 min video)
  2. Copyright-free Image Sources - For use in cardmaking
  3. How to Make SoulCollage® Cards
  4. Materials for Card-making

Do a SoulCollage® Reading

  1. Reading Your SoulCollage® Cards

Other Useful SoulCollage® Resources

  1. SoulCollage® App- Designed for iPhones and iPads
  2. SoulCollage® Logo Store - Buy shirts, mugs, tote bags and more