SoulCollage Applications and Contexts

[Note: This area is new. The topics listed below are ones to which we know SoulCollage® is being or has been applied. We hope to gradually have resources listed on a page for each one. Presently there are only a few, and these are shown in blue. Please be patient with us as we add to this.]

Note: CLICK HERE to access a PDF listing applications and contexts for using SoulCollage®.

SoulCollage® is used as a process in many applications and contexts. The applications and contexts listed below are ones in which SoulCollage® Facilitators are already using SoulCollage®. 

There are materials that might be useful in a particular application. We have listed resources by context and application. Click on the application to see resources. [This is a work in progress, so be patient if categories do not yet have resources listed.] Please email us with suggestions that will help those who want to use SoulCollage® in your field. Please also tell us of any new applications and contexts that are not yet represented here.

Addictions & Substance Abuse Treatment

Adolescents at Risk

Adopting Parents

Alzheimers' Patients (early stage)

Anger Management


Art in Self-Exploration

Birthday Parties

Blessing Ways for Mothers-To-Be

Book Groups

Cancer care

Career Counseling


Children’s Groups

Churches and Temples


Coming of Age Ceremonies

Community College Remedial Program

Community Development


Conflict Resolution

Conservation Education


Couples’ Therapy

Creative Problem-Solving

Creativity Workshops

Disabled Persons

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues

Domestic Violence Centers

Dream Work

Eating Disorders


Facilitating SoulCollage®

Family Therapy


Feng Shui Consulting

Fertility Clinic



Gay Communities

Girl Scouts

Government work place

Grief and Loss (e.g., Bereavement, Job Loss, Disability, Grief for Pets, etc.)

Health-Related Issues (Chronic Pain, Cancer, Caregiver support, etc.)


Homeless Shelter


Hospital Behavioral Treatment

Immigrant Women

Life Review for Seniors

Life Span Integration

Life Transitions/ Life Purpose

Mask-Making Workshops

Men’s Groups

Military Families

Money Issues Workshops

Movement Workshops

Non-Verbal Patients or Students

Non-Violent Communication Training

Nursing & Hospitals

Online Support Groups

Organ Transplant Patients

Organizational Development

Pastoral Counseling

Pregnant Moms & Families

Prison Inmates


Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from Domestic Violence

Recovery from Eating Disorders

Retirement Parties

Retirement Homes


Schools (All Ages and Levels)


Self Discovery

Senior Centers


Social Work

Spiritual Direction

Stress Management


Tatooist Community

Teachers’ In-Service Training

Therapists’ Support Group


Trauma Healing (e.g., Childhood Abuse; Veterans, etc.)

Travel Groups

Veterans’ Centers (Veterans and their families)

Visioning and Team-Building

Voice Dialogue therapy

Waldorf School Parents

Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

Wellness Education

Women’s Groups

Working Deeply with the Psyche

Writers’ Groups