SoulCollage® Books, CDs, and Videos

Here are some useful publications to help you learn more about SoulCollage®.


Arrien, A. Four-Fold Way. NY: HarperOne.
Frost, S.B. SoulCollage® Evolving. Hanford Mead.
Frost, S.B. Journal of a Steadfast Fence. Hanford Mead (poetry)
Gallegos, E. S. The Personal Totem Pole.
Hughes, A. H. Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make and Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing
Judith, A. & Vega, S. The Seven-Fold Journey [chakras]
Tarnas, R. Cosmos and Psyche, New York: Viking. 80-85. [archetypes]
Taylor, K. The Ethics of Caring. Hanford Mead
Weiss, N. & Raphael, J. How to Make MeCards4Kids™: Creative Expression for Children and the Grownups in Their Lives


Frost, S.B. Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups CD
Frost, S.B. Introduction to SoulCollage® CD
Frost, S.B. SoulCollage® & Paradigm Shift CD
Frost, S.B. Your SoulCollage® Cards (6-CD Series)

Or purchase individually:

Kirby, K. SoulCollage® & Art Therapy CD
Chowdhury, A. Discovering the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck CD
Chowdhury, A. Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage® Cards: Sound Music & Image CD
Chowdhury, A. SoulCollage® in Spiritual Settings CD
Rook, R. SoulCollage® & Grief CD
Sirabella, M. Embracing Change, Transforming Conflict CD



Facilitators Talking about Community - from the 2011 SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Conference  
Seena Frost's Memorial Service Video (Part I)
Seena Frost's Memorial Service Video (Part II)
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SoulCollage® YouTube Channel - A variety of SoulCollage® videos