These materials have been suggested by SoulCollage® Facilitators as applicable to the use of SoulCollage® in this field.


A useful, practical guide (with exercises) for those interested in its combination of modern psychotherapy, physical culture, and the ancient yogic perspective of the charkas.
Judith, A. (1987). Wheels of Life. Llewellyn Publications.
A basic guide to the charkas including each chakra’s meaning, location, element, function, inner state, outer state, relation to body parts, color, mantra sound, Hindu Deity, as well as other deities from other pantheons.
Pike, K. ( 2003). Pathways to a Radiant Self.  PTR Publishing.
A workbook that takes you through each chakra and a resource for people working with the Companion suit. It is full of exercises and activities suitable for workshops.
Gallegos, E. S. (1990). The Personal Totem Pole. Moon Bear.
Recommended by Seena B. Frost.