Grief and Loss

These materials have been suggested by SoulCollage® Facilitators as applicable to the use of SoulCollage® in this field.


Case histories of life review, resolution, and completion when families and caregivers understand the metaphorical language used by those who are dying. Also can apply to the communications of those in deep nonordinary states of consciousness.
Kubler-Ross, E. (1969). On Death and Dying. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc.
The basic text on the grief process, describing the five stages of grief, which apply to any loss.



SoulCollage® and Grief CD Cover
Rook, R. (2012) SoulCollage® & Grief. (CD). Handford Mead.
An experienced hospice and bereavement counselor shares how she has used SoulCollage® in groups and with individuals in their journeys through grieving.