Explore Your Wildself

Explore Your Wildself

Your Wildself is that part of you that is still close to your instinctual, physical, animal nature. Many millennia ago we were forest dwellers and our bodies remember the wisdom of the instincts we depended on in the wild. The Companion Suit in SoulCollage® helps us find those Neters who accompany our Wildself and bring them to manifest on our cards. They are powerful allies who help us recall and reclaim the wisdom and healing in our own instinctual bodies. 

This workshop is designed for those with some previous SoulCollage® experience and is limited to 8 participants. All materials are provided. Your investment for this workshop can be made based on a sliding scale of $25 - $40 CAD. Pay as you are able.

To register, please email: rivkahunland@hotmail.com.

You may also make payment by e-transfer to the same address.

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January 11, 2020 - 10:00am - 4:00pm