Robin Modlin

Facilitator since May 6, 2012

Robin Modlin
Robin's Studios
Livermore and Murphys, California (United States)
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I look forward to sharing creative moments with you. I am a SoulCollage® facilitator, mosaic artist, sculptor, and inner seeker. I have a masters degree in east/west psychology, trained as an inter-faith chaplain at Lucille Packard Children's and Stanford Hospitals and a life time member of the Patient/Family Advisory Council at Stanford University Hospital. I am sensitive to the needs and concerns of families living with life threatening illnesses and am a parent of a daughter with cystic fibrosis who has had a double lung transplant. I have created a number of group participatory art projects.  I received the 2004 Blair Sadler International Healing Arts Award for Participatory Arts through the Society for Arts in Healthcare for a prayer flag project created to support a very ill child, family and community.

I believe that with awareness of our inner life we can grow and improve the experience of our life. Using creativity and imagery is a powerful way to access information that we can use for our personal healing and deepen our understanding. Facing any of life's challenges can be daunting but with a supportive community and personal self reflection we can meet what is before us. This is why I have offered participatory projects for personal healing which have included Prayer and Healing Flags for Packard Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and other groups. Also, I have had the privilege to offer SoulCollage® at Jack's Camp for children with brain tumors, in hospice bereavement groups, and for families with children with cystic fibrosis. The use of SoulCollage® in these settings was affirming, releasing and helped to bond the communities.

Included with this special focus on families, chronic illness and grief I am also passionate about the wisdom journeys of women. As a woman I have viewed my life as a journey toward continued opening and learning. Each experience we have as varied and remarkable as each of ours can be is a door and opportunity to grow and deepen offering more understanding of who we are and why we are here. SoulCollage® is a perfect vehicle for capturing glimpses of our personal growth. These reflections and revelations are powerful and healing and when shared in a group setting, they offer exquisite lessons for everyone who hears them.

I have also had the great honor and opportunity to have part of my family's story told in the 2011 documentary film, The Power Of Two. This film is about my friends who have received double lung transplants and their advocacy for organ donation. At the time the film was made, my daughter, Anna was waiting for her lung transplant. Her journey was included in this award winning film that is contributing to national and international organ donation awareness.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I offer SoulCollage® workshops in both of my studios in Murphys and Livermore, CA. Both are  located in beautiful settings. I want to grow a community of inward seekers who love to be creative and use the SoulCollage® process together. I welcome anyone who is facing a transition in life or is simply curious about their journey and to join my group workshops or individual sessions.

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I believe SoulCollage® is medicine. It is an elixir created by the uniqueness of the individual with particular qualities and elements perfect for them. This personalized medicine is made when one is open to their mystery, listens to the call of images and creates a card just for them. The power of this medicine is only truly known by its maker but its beauty and transformative nature can be shared and appreciated by all.


Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I have used collage as a form of self understanding for many years. In 2011 I decided that I wanted to share this powerful form of creative inner reflection with other women. I found SoulCollage® and discovered it to be a perfect process that would be fun and deeply meaningful to share with others. My own experience of making the cards helped me tremendously as I transitioned to a new place in my own life. Making the cards has helped me to see more of where I am, what I need to support myself and feel whole.

I enjoy finding images and collecting them to share with everyone who wants to make SoulCollage® cards with me. I have used other divining methods and cards in the past but I find the personal nature of these cards and my deep connection to their meaning has been so very powerful. I love my cards, they are so special and I always love to watch others as their eyes light up with new understandings and the simple pleasure of connecting with their soul aspects. I am very inspired to share this method with others and help to facilitate readings in my studio.