Introductory SoulCollage(R) Classes in Southern Oregon

Introductory SoulCollage(R) Classes in Southern Oregon

Are you interested in introductory or on-going SoulCollage(R) classes in Central Point, Oregon?

SC is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself in an easy, fun and creative way. And the best thing is, if you can cut and paste, you can do SoulCollage(R)!

All supplies provided to begin creating personal collage cards, including thousands of carefully cut images to choose from, mat-boards, cutting tools, adhesives and sleeves for your completed cards.

In the classes, we'll go through the easy step-by-step process of card making and we'll do initial card jouranling/readings.  The process is self-paced and honors your timing and your own spiritual path.

Note: It's helpful to bring something to journal in, otherwise come as you are. 

After the introductory classes, I will be offering ongoing SC gatherings for those interested in continuing the process of building your very own deck of cards that have deep personal meaning. Once you've created enough cards, you can learn how to consult them intuitively through more extensive "readings". The readings guide you in the ongoing process of personal growth and gently provide you with meaningful and profound answers that offer fresh insight into your personal life questions. The process of creating the cards and consulting them is an inner, life-affirming journey that is often said to be life-changing.

In the gatherings, you can continue to expand and use your deck for guidance by allowing your Soul to speak directly to you with imagery--bypassing the chattering mind.  It's a contemplative and rewarding practice that's also so much fun. 

Take a deep breath, relax and create SoulCollage(R) cards that are unique to you. Life can get overwhelming at times and so can searching for guidance.  If you interested in a deeply rewarding, creative experience that is easy and fun, and taps into your inner wisdom, you'll love SC. If you are interested in using imagery to go deeper into the knowings of your inner landscape to provide guidance with overall life and transition questions, you'll love SC.

If you're interested in upcoming classes, email me at to be placed on my list.

You can also find me on Meetup and become a member of my group called . . . SoulCollage(R) Meetup Group 

I will begin scheduling classes beginning in February, 2020



Central Point Library
Central Point, OR 97502 (us)
Phone: 5414994688

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January 15, 2020 (All day) - July 31, 2020 (All day)