Articles by Seena Frost

"In these articles I want to share with you about SoulCollage®, how it can be a creative tool for knowing and loving one’s inner self, and also a tool for discovering one’s link to the Larger Story and one’s unique gifts. I want to describe ways people are using SoulCollage, and talk about new cards and ideas not mentioned in the book. I want to talk more about using the cards individually and in groups. Please come back and visit again, and, if you wish to suggest a topic for a future article, please email me." ~ Seena Frost

Humor and Your SoulCollage® Cards!

In this month’s column I’m going to suggest that we all include humorous images in our SoulCollage® deck, at least once in a while. Humor is probably the one critical seasoning that is, like a fine herb, so memorable that it will startle us into awareness. It could be the unexpected perspective that jars us awake so we can better do our unique, creative work in the world, whatever that may be. Click here to read more.

The Transpersonal Cards of the SoulCollage® Deck

Now there are three! I’m suggesting that people create two other transpersonal cards for their deck, alongside the Source card. These two would be a SoulEssence card and a Witness card. Let me tell you why I am suggesting these, and you can decide if they are right for you. Click here to read more.

WaterBearer: Archetype of the Aquarian Age

The 3rd International Women and Water Conference was held from February 25–28, 2005 in India. Vandana Shiva, an environmentalist and author of the book, Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit, was a participant. She says, “Water is a woman's issue. All over the world women are making decisions about water.” Interesting ... water as a woman's issue! The WaterBearer is emerging. Click here to read more.

SoulCollage®: Why We Use Collage to Create Our Decks of Cards

In recent months many people have visited this website because they entered the word COLLAGE into a web search. Some were artists already working with collage. Now several of these artists are trained facilitators and are sharing the process of SoulCollage® with others in various parts of the country. In this column, I thought I would speak to why, many years ago, I chose collage as the primary media for this creative form of soul exploration. Click here to read more.

The One and the Many and the Source Card

I’m going to write, in this column, about a foundation principle underlying the SoulCollage® practice, the principle of The One and the Many and the symbolism and importance of the Source Card. In my book I was brief about these key issues, and even here I can barely begin to touch on ideas mystics and philosophers have pondered for centuries. Click here to read more.

Archetype of the Singer

Today I want you to remember the archetype called by some The Singer Over the Bones. Surely this Singer is the archetype who is urging so many of us to do this deep soul-work with images. I created a Council card for the Singer several years ago, after reading the La Loba story found in Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ marvelous book, Women Who Run With the Wolves. Click here to read more.

Distinctions between the SoulCollage® Suits

One person recently asked me to clarify the distinctions between the suits, and particularly the difference between the Committee and the Council. You’ll have to read the book for the basics on the suits, but, for those who have read it, I agree that there is often an overlap in these two suits, and some cards may include images for both. There could be an image for an inner self part, like the inner artist, as well as the archetype that grabs and directs that part, like the Creator. Click here to read more.

Holidays & SoulCollage®

It’s mid November as I write this! The holidays are upon us: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, the Solstice, Christmas, a New Year beginning. It’s a busy, stressful time, but don’t let busyness stop you from nourishing your Soul with images and imagination. It’s a perfect time to gather a few good friends to sit for an afternoon and create SoulCollage® cards to honor these wondrous archetypal events. Click here to read more.

Come, Join the Dance!

We live in a time of awakening. All over the planet souls are yawning and stretching and rising up to join in a new dance. Soul ears are straining to hear the amazing music embedded in the universe, and are trying to dance to its rhythm, bowing, first to the selves within, and then to the many, diverse beings without. What was once the experience of a few, the mystics and poets, is now becoming the experience of the many. It is the experience that all life is Sacred, and all life is joined in dancing this One Dance. Click here to read more.