Come, Join the Dance!

We live in a time of awakening. All over the planet souls are yawning and stretching and rising up to join in a new dance. Soul ears are straining to hear the amazing music embedded in the universe, and are trying to dance to its rhythm, bowing, first to the selves within, and then to the many, diverse beings without. What was once the experience of a few, the mystics and poets, is now becoming the experience of the many. It is the experience that all life is Sacred, and all life is joined in dancing this One Dance.

The process of SoulCollage® is a creative and fun tool to help you learn your particular steps in this dance. First, it is a tool for self-exploration and self-acceptance. Second, the images can serve as reminders of who your allies and teachers are. Third, ‘reading’ the cards can give you access to your deeper, less conscious, wisdom.

The ingredients of SoulCollage® can be expressed in three words beginning with “I”: Image, Imagination and Intuition. A few weeks ago I led an introduction to SoulCollage® in Helena, Montana. As people entered the workshop I asked them to sort through a pile of images, magazine pages I had thrown into a box. My only instruction was “pick out one image that speaks to you. Let your intuition choose. Don’t try to figure out why you are drawn to it.” As we did introductions a few minutes later, people showed their images, and then I asked each person to speak from the image. Say, I Am One Who… and go on. (See page 75 in the book, SoulCollage, for this exercise.) Nearly everyone could do this little role-playing exercise, and the experience was profound. Intuitive words bubbled up through the images, and something deeply important about each person’s soul was revealed. As the workshop progressed, several people pasted these images on one of their first cards.

This “surprised by image” experience can happen over and over with the same image for years. I lead an on-going group, one that has met weekly for ten years, where people ask their cards personal questions. A card came up recently that had not been drawn for some months (this person has a deck of about ninety cards), and the image told a truth it had never spoken before. This was astonishing…but it is not unusual.

Copyright © 2003 by Seena Frost   (September 2003)