Humor and Your SoulCollage® Cards!

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My Intelligent SelfIt’s the beginning of a new year, and as usual I have gathered my Committee members (the inner parts of myself) for a serious talk: "OK, guys and gals, you need to shape up! Less chocolate, more exercise, less spending time and money on unneeded things, more generosity of time and money to good causes. Right? Of course, right!" Actually I think this prodding and persistent energy must be my Warrior archetype because he keeps on and keeps on: "Come on now, wake up. This is serious business! Get you head out of the sand. The world is in a mess and you need to be out there making a difference. Are you in some state of denial???" And with that I sit up and check my list, tighten my belt, get busy, …but … I don’t know whether to cry, plead insanity, or … or just burst out laughing! Another archetype, the Fool, now reaches over and hands me Anne Marie Bennett’s card, Intelligent. I hear him whisper: "Could you be taking yourself too seriously, my dear?"

Sally Ignoring SelfIn this month’s column I’m going to suggest that we all include humorous images in our SoulCollage® deck, at least once in a while. Humor is probably the one critical seasoning that is, like a fine herb, so memorable that it will startle us into awareness. It could be the unexpected perspective that jars us awake so we can better do our unique, creative work in the world, whatever that may be. Julia Field, one of several SoulCollage® Facilitators in the Seattle area, sent me these words about humor in her cards:

I find that humor can sometimes be an invitation into a deeper place … humor softens me up, and helps me look at myself with curiosity and compassion. I think it also helps other people relate – to me, to SoulCollage®, to themselves – and builds community in a group.

Absolutely, Julia. Well said.

ImageSo, what makes a card funny? Often it can be the juxtaposition of two images that seem to contradict, like Anne Marie Bennett’s My Intelligent Self above.

Sometimes it is exaggeration like the two cards, Sally Hudson’s My Ignoring Self, and GretchenImage Sentry’s My Fat Self.

Or the one called Earl by Diana Meier, who speaks from the woman photographer in this card saying: I Am One Who is intrigued by the world and the continuity below the contradictions …”

Using expressive images of children to represent parts of our self can make a card truly funny, like one by Mili Ballard called OverIndulgence.

A few of the words that come from this card: … I Am One Who can feel compassion Imagefor that “over doing” little kid part of me that feels like I “blew it” once again by “over doing” to attempt to sooth a hurt place inside me in a way that doesn’t really serve …

Images of animals can also represent parts of the self, and the archetypes as well. For example, this one by Marlene Warneke called The Conformist. This card is in the Card Gallery section of the website under Committee cards, so you can read its words on that page. (Click the image to enlarge it and the words come up.) OftenImage we receive hilarious images of animals in human positions over the internet, so print some for your collection. One always needs to be on the look-out for funny images and tear them out in case you or some one else can use them. Ads, cartoons, humorous greeting cards and, of course, magazines are sources. I have several more examples that I would love to share with you, but space doesn’t allow.

ImageI’ll conclude with one more card that, like all the others, is both funny and profound - to me anyway. It is by Sharry Teague and is called Picnic with the Great Mother.

One of the lines Sharry includes with this card is this: I Am One Who who dares invite the Great Mother on a Picnic. What fun! I want to come, too.





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