Seena Frost Online Memorial

The Worldwide SoulCollage Community

Bids Farewell to its Founder

Recorded live on Seena’s 84th birthday February 15, 2016

Part I 

Part II

This SoulCollage® Memorial for SoulCollage® Founder Seena B. Frost was held online on what would have been her 84th birthday on February 15, 2016 (a month after her death.) The SoulCollage® worldwide community of SoulCollage® Trainers, trained SoulCollage® Facilitators, and other committed practitioners of SoulCollage® logged in from all corners of the planet to hear and see the stories, poems, photos, and videos contributed by 16 presenters honoring Seena’s extraordinary contribution. 

Seena Frost was 71 when she began training SoulCollage® Facilitators to share her method worldwide, and she actively taught for the next ten years. At the time of her death over 2600 Facilitators had been trained by Seena and more than a dozen other SoulCollage® Trainers. These Facilitators were sharing SoulCollage® in 39 countries and in many languages.

Enjoy this memorial event (Part I and Part II) which provides a view, not only of Seena’s life, but also a look into the ongoing, amazing, new paradigm, global community and organization that Seena’s work inspired. Browse this site for more information about SoulCollage®.


  • A 3-minute Memorial Video (Sue Gelber)
  • Introduction to the Memorial and our technology (Kat Kirby and Karen Mann)
  • A short history of how Seena developed SoulCollage®, the partnership to get SoulCollage® out into the world, and how the community grew. Excerpts from Seena’s personal journal written in 1989-91 (Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield, SoulCollage Inc.)
  • Stories of personal and professional relationship (Audrey Chowdhury)
  • Stories of Seena’s first SoulCollage® groups. Jeri and Seena recite together Seena’s poem, “The Mystic Speaks of Love” (Jeri Bodemar)
  • Stories from her two-decades of collegial and personal relationship with Seena. Reads her own poem for Seena and the poem that Seena wanted read at her memorial. (Mariabruna Sirabella)
  • Seena speaking about the paradigm shift. A hilarious video of Seena at the 2013 SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Conference when she made an entrance as her clown persona Ms. Anne Thrope. (Sue Gelber)


  • Appreciation for finding a life’s work. (Katherine L. Ziegler)
  • Seena’s love of animals and a poem written for Seena, The Visit.  (Fran Cherlow)
  • How Seena lived with SoulCollage® as a personal daily practice. (Miriam Goldberg)
  • Seena’s love for the human form. Seena’s humor. Learning to love the Shadow. More in a video of Seena’s clown personal, Ms. Anne Thrope. (Barb Horn)
  • The international flavor of SoulCollage®, how it brings peace and connection between people of all countries. Poem read in French to Seena. (Andrea Thüler)
  • Seena developed a new extraordinary process to help people make connections to parts of themselves and to others. (Linda Woolfson)
  • Seena’s emphasis on community. (Lucy Schaaphok)
  • Contributions to Seena’s memory from groups meeting around the world after her death.
  • How I came to the first Training in 2003, what I learned, and why I volunteered. (Michele Audet)
  • My love for and work on behalf of the SoulCollage® community and organization. (Marilyn McDonald)
  • Seena’s rich family and community life with an introduction to the closing video.  (Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield)
  • Wonderful 7-minute video of Seena’s life in photos (prepared by the Frost family) accompanied by the song sung (used with permission) by Sara Hickman, “We Are Each Other’s Angels.”
  • Closing (Kat Kirby)