In Seena's Words


The Spirit, Practice & Evolution of SoulCollage®

Your Questions Answered by Founder, Seena B. Frost

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All proceeds go to the SoulCollage® Diversity Scholarship Fund
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  • A 50-page booklet of Seena’s answers to blog editors’ questions from her 2010 Blog Tour after SoulCollage® Evolving was launched.
  • Includes many varied pictures of Seena (Have you made your “Seena” card yet?)
  • Seena speaks to us about the practice of SoulCollage®, working with parts of ourselves that are out of balance, and much more.
  • Seena shares her vision for the SoulCollage® Community.
  • Kylea adds a 2017 note about the SoulCollage® vision.

Many thanks to SoulCollage® Facilitator Marti Beddoe who organized Seena's Blog Tour in 2010, who volunteered to compile Seena's answers from the various blogs, and who made this project happen to support the Scholarship Fund, which is administered by volunteer Facilitator Nancy Weiss.

The minimum donation for the booklet is $10 (see PayPal button below), but if you can afford more, please support the Fund so that those who need it can get some help to attend the SoulCollage® Training and bring SoulCollage® back home to the people with whom they are working (e.g., prisons, homeless shelters, addiction recovery, etc.) who might otherwise never encounter the empowering method of SoulCollage®. 


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