SoulCollage® Video

An Invitation to SoulCollage®

In this professional video by Museville Pictures, the Founder of SoulCollage®, Seena Frost talks especially to those who have never heard of SoulCollage®. In six minutes she shows you how easy and fun it is to make a card and talks about discovering inner wisdom. In her special way, she engages and encourages the viewer to experiment with SoulCollage®. This is a great video to share on Facebook, because it is a short (6 min) and appealing invitation to try SoulCollage®. Watch for her granddaughter to appear holding two cards she made!


SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift: 2011 Community Oracle

This two-minute video trailer introduces the stunning one-hour video that follows. "SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift" in full takes viewers through a moving process, starting with an introduction to the essence of SoulCollage® and ending with the Community Oracle ceremony in which 100 Facilitators consulted their cards on the exact 10th anniversary of 9/11, asking the question, "How we can individually and collectively assist a new paradigm approach to community?" The answers, coming from a deep communal place, are heart-opening and enlightening. The video was exquisitely produced by volunteer and SoulCollage® Facilitator Sue Gelber. It is illustrated by some 300 SoulCollage® cards loaned to the project by many SoulCollage® Facilitators for this collective exhibition of the transformational power of SoulCollage® to change your world.

New SoulCollageTV Channel at YouTube

SoulCollage® Facilitators and SoulCollagers are enjoying showing the world why they love SoulCollage®. Each 1-minute video is different and creative just like each SoulCollage® card is. Stop by and take a look at

Glenda Goodrich, a SoulCollage® Facilitator in Salem, Oregon,
shares her experience and how it has affected her life.