Stephanie Anderson-Ladd

Facilitator since October 18, 2009

Stephanie Anderson-Ladd
Durham, Chapel Hill
Durham, North Carolina 27713 (United States)
P 661-713-2951
P 919-883-9093
F 919-887-2964


Stephanie Anderson-Ladd is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist with offices in Durham and Cary, North Carolina. Prior to coming to North Carolina in 2008 she practiced for more than 15 years in Los Angeles and Pine Mountain, CA. She brings a background and interest in transpersonal and depth psychology, goddess archetypes and the divine feminine, and Native American teachings to her work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Her specialties are working with women in transition, women with health challenges, women who want to heal childhood wounds, and women who are interested in exploring the journey of individuation and self-discovery. She also enjoys working with couples to help them develop better relationship and communication skills. She has both led and participated in many women's circles and finds the connection with women to be healing and inspiring.

She teaches online courses for women using SoulCollage® and other creative means of self-exploration. Click here to learn about her latest online offerings, including three courses in 2019 on the Goddesses of Self-Care:

Description of SoulCollage® work

Stephanie has conducted workshops for women to guide them in their self-exploration, artistic expression, and soul integration. She brings a therapist's training, a background as a teacher and leader, as well as an understanding of archetypes, fairy tales, myth, animal wisdom and native tradition to her work. She creates a safe container for women to learn more about themselves and to feel free to express their authentic selves. She encourages participants to try new things and allow the SoulCollage® process to expand with them.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

Stephanie discovered SoulCollage® in 2003 and began doing it on her own as part of her healing process after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She has brought the process to a number of women's circles and created many cards over the years that have evolved in composition and design to incorporate various mixed media. SoulCollage® has awakened her inner child and a previously disowned artist part that has been emerging and teaching her how to play more. It is still an exciting process for her that blends art and psychology in a magical way that goes beyond words. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for SoulCollage® and discoveries with others.