Sue Gelber

Facilitator since June 27, 2004

Sue Gelber
Davis CA
Davis, California (United States)

Description of SoulCollage® work

I believe that each of our individual lives is a sacred story. SoulCollage® has been instrumental in helping me to unfold my life story, with compassion, understanding, gratitude, joy and acceptance. My deck of cards reflects my personal journey, yet in a way that places my Soul in life's Larger Story -- archetypally, generationally, energetically and psychologically. 

In learning the SoulCollage® process, both men and women experience a return of meaning in their lives. A self-reclamation process is often initiated through SoulCollage®. Parts of our younger selves that we abandoned, suppressed, neglected or buried in the course of growing up gently manifest through each card. The SoulCollage® process is a delightful journey to Wholeness -- manifesting in pure joy our most true self. Like a favorite puzzle forgotten in a closet, perhaps with frayed, if not missing, pieces, card by card we repair what was wounded, reversing the pattern of self-sabotage and, in my experience, somatic symptom disorder, as we face the continuum of challenges inevitable in our shared humanity.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

SoulCollage® is one of my core contemplative spiritual practices. My lifelong love of images and composition found its early expression through writing and drawing; as a teenager, a Pentax K1000 became my artistic medium. SoulCollage® was a natural extension, when I stumbled across my first workshop in 2004.

Each SoulCollage® card is a doorway to one aspect of my soul's depth, width and breadth. Together, my deck of cards is a reliable vehicle for my sense of balance and peace. Creating and reading my cards offers a gentle reflection for daily living, with timely wisdom and perpetual gratitude, come what may. 

Other Notes

In 2004, I trained as a SoulCollage® Facilitator, later a SoulCollage® Trainer, with Seena B. Frost, Kylea Taylor and Mariabruna Sirabella. I enjoy videography and have collaged myriad SoulCollage® videos. I retired as a SoulCollage® Trainer to care for my grandson and parents. I continue as the SoulCollage® Soul-cial™ Media Coordinator. This is a role that evolved since 2012, when Kylea offered me a Virtual Assistant position to re-energize an inactive SoulCollage® Facebook page. In addition to this generous website resource, SoulCollage® is now also a respected and joyful soul-cial™ media presence.

Professionally, I am a Professional Homeopath certified through the Council for Homeopathic Certification, and Spiritual Director trained through the Bread of Life Center in Sacramento. I live with my husband and pets in Davis, California. I offer SoulCollage® workshops in Davis and Riverbank / Modesto, where my brothers and mother live. What sparks joy for me is home, self-care, and inner and outer presence to and gratitude for each moment life brings. My husband and I enjoy the simple pleasures of biking to downtown restaurants for weekend breakfasts and sharing quiet mornings over coffee in our backyard, surrounded by our pets.