Sue Gelber

Facilitator since June 27, 2004

Facilitator trainer since April 12, 2015.

Sue Gelber
Davis CA
Davis, California (United States)


I believe that every living being, without exception, has the potential to awaken. My life is a spiritual journey to help others find their own footing on the path of enlightenment. SoulCollage® is one of the healing modalities (and tools) that can empower you to simplify your inner and outer life and, in the process of daily living, journey into your reason for being alive. Suffering and pain become differentiated, and your deck becomes a constant companion (with the App, literally in your pocket) to restore balance during moments of regression -- i.e., relating or perceiving from a part of you stuck in the past. A SoulCollage® Facilitator Training will provide you with the training, resources, tools and community to deepen this process for personal growth. You will concomitantly be prepared to continue the tradition of Founder Seena B. Frost and support others in the meaningful process of self-reclamation and soul-expression. When a second Trainer is needed for large registrations, I join Mariabruna Sirabella at our Presentation Center Trainings, as well as other Trainers upon request. You can find me on our soul-cial™ media channels throughout the web. I'm also a certified homeopath and trained spiritual director. My clients who SoulCollage® experience a quickening of their healing process and comforting support between consultations.


Description of SoulCollage® work

I believe that each of our individual lives is a sacred story. SoulCollage® has been instrumental in helping me to unfold my story with compassion and acceptance. My deck of cards reflects my personal journey, yet in a way that places my Soul in life's Larger Story -- archetypally, generationally, energetically and psychologically. Through the Facilitator Training, and ongoing SoulCollage® readings, I am empowered to discern and manifest my unique gifts and potentials.

I love sharing this process with others; nothing brings me greater joy than each individual's "aha" moment during a SoulCollage® reading. Time and again I've witnessed women, sometimes men, as meaning returns to their lives. A self-reclamation process is often initiated through SoulCollage®, certainly quickened. Parts of our younger selves that got buried or lost along the way return again. Like a puzzle with missing pieces, we can become complete.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I love SoulCollage®. It is my favorite contemplative spiritual practice, that also nourishes my love of images I enjoy as a photographer. Reading my SoulCollage® cards on a regular basis has simplified many areas of my life and has been invaluable in restoring balance and perspective to core relationships. My favorite way to do readings is through the SoulCollage® App. Creating and reading my cards each week offers a gentle reflection on all parts of my life, with timely wisdom for ongoing gratitude, come what may.