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Training for Therapists and Professionals | SoulCollage®

Training for Therapists and Professionals

SoulCollage® is much more than a process of self-discovery and creativity for the individual. It has proven to be a valuable therapeutic tool when used by therapists and professionals as a part of their practice. The SoulCollage® Training is designed to address the issues which arise when using the process with clients. It is not a retreat or workshop where you relax and do SoulCollage® for its own sake, so we ask that you perform the prerequisites and become familiar with the process itself before coming to the Training. Thus you will be able to focus on the primary intent of the Training, which is to learn to use SoulCollage® with others.

More Information about the SoulCollage® Training for Professionals


  • Prepare therapists to facilitate SoulCollage® competently and confidently with clients (as individuals clients, in groups, and in workshops.)
  • Demonstrate to therapists how to use intuition and 
    imagination (utilizing images, gestalt, and community support in the SoulCollage® method) to help clients find meaning and guidance for their lives.
  • Demonstrate to therapists the benefits to clients of making and using SoulCollage® cards and to be able to explain and facilitate this method with  clients they assess as prospective beneficiaries of the method and to identify in what ways a client might need encouragement to best utilize the method.

Learn how:

  • To compile appropriate art therapy materials for SoulCollage® work, so that the client may fully utilize the method to identify images that have meaning for him or herself and create collaged cards from those images.
  • To describe and demonstrate how SoulCollage® utilizes intuition and imagination to help clients guide their lives, by using the cards in a gestalt process.
  • Ethical principles (scope of competence, scope of practice, safety, non-exploitation of clients, dual relationship) apply to work conducted with the SoulCollage® method.
  • To assess which clients might benefit from SoulCollage® and to create a safe container for clients doing SoulCollage® work in individual or group sessions.
  • To prepare a safe and welcoming container for a client from any ethnicity, sexual preference group, gender or religion.

For those Boards who may not be familiar with SoulCollage® and its theoretical basis and therapeutic elements, we offer the following supplemental information: CLICK HERE


What the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Covers

  • How to facilitate SoulCollage® card-making, including ways to support self-esteem and avoid competition and self-criticism.
  • How to implement a therapeutic structure which both protects and encourages self-discovery.
  • Ways to adapt the process to different individual issues and different populations.
  • Demonstration of how to access intuition with SoulCollage® cards.
  • Discussion about how to use the soulcollage.com section of the website for Facilitators to access resources for their SoulCollage® Facilitating with clients. 
  • Help in envisioning a plan for facilitating SoulCollage® that fits your own passions, intentions, and competencies.
  • Ethical pitfalls and challenges that might arise when one is working with individuals and groups using the powerful spiritual and personal images on SoulCollage® cards.

Participants make cards, share cards, and use their own processes as teaching examples for the group in learning how to facilitate SoulCollage® work, because the focus in the Training is training rather than card-making per se as in a workshop. We learn how to do "readings" which use our own intuition to deepen self-knowledge. We learn creative applications and how to adapt the process to different populations. We work towards constructing a plan that fits participants' intended use of the technique.