The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for anyone who wants to facilitate SoulCollage® for self-discovery in groups and with individuals and/or anyone who is seeking an in-depth immersion in the SoulCollage® community experience.

Mariabruna Sirabella leads Trainings in California. In addition, there are other SoulCollage® Trainers who work under the auspices of SoulCollage Inc. to train SoulCollage® Facilitators in diverse geographical areas of the USA. They have held Trainings also in other countries, including Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Nederlands, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, UK, and Australia. Trainings have been or are scheduled to be offered in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin. Most of the SoulCollage® Trainers are willing to travel if an appropriately-sized group is interested in a hosting a Training in their local area. Please contact the Trainers individually to make inquiries.

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