Vandy Leigh

Facilitator since November 6, 2011

Vandy Leigh
Area Arts: Exeter and Portsmouth New Hampshire
P.O. Box 125
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833 (United States)


Vandy Leigh, M.Ed.

I am a teaching artist and storyteller. My work is multi- and inter-generational. My passion lies in guiding each person on the journey to find their unique inner voice through visual art and spoken word. My own journey has included work as a sign language interpreter, social worker, storyteller, religious and arts educator and mask maker. My understanding that each person embodies a dynamic soul that needs to be nurtured is the basis of all the work that I do.

SoulCollage® is so attractive to me because it is a fun and meaningful path to self-discovery through the collaging of visual images, and, anyone can do it!

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